The In-laws

The In-laws
2016 . 72 min


  • Tony Mliswa and Demetria Karongah


  • Various


  • Comedy


"Sahara Movies and GMC Pictures present The In-laws an offbeat comedy about two parents who travel from Africa to attend their daughter’s graduation ceremony.Getting through the ceremony is much excitement however the parents also get some graduation from their European daughter In-law who is married to their only son who is seen as a good for nothing aspiring artist. Find out for yourself what happens in this hilarious cultural clash.
Producer: Demetria Karongah Directors: Tony Mliswa and Demetria Karongah
Cast: Demetria Karongah, Ashley Majaya , Julie Ann Burleton and King Alfred as Joe
Release Date: July 2016"

parental rating

  • 18


  • (NEU) Neutral
  • (S) Sex
  • (L) Language
  • (V) Violence
  • (N) Nudity
  • (B) Blasphemy
  • (P) Prejudice
  • (D) Drugs & Alcohol
  • (H) Horror

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