Basketball (s1)

Basketball (s1)

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Basketball (s1) ep: 01
Bill Walton presents basic drills designed to improve speed and quickness.
Basketball (s1) ep: 02
Bill Walton teaches the basics of shooting from form to specific shots
Basketball (s1) ep: 03
Bill Walton's passing drills designed to develop proper passing skills.
Basketball (s1) ep: 04
Bill Walton's techniques for improving your offensive rebounding.
Basketball (s1) ep: 05
Bill Walton teaches practical and fun ways to practice shooting.
Basketball (s1) ep: 06
Bill Walton teaches proper positioning and the three basic facing the basket moves.
Basketball (s1) ep: 07
Bill Walton breaks down proper Defensive techniques, from positioning to closing out.
Basketball (s1) ep: 08
Bill Walton teaches the theory and techniques of rebounding.
Basketball (s1) ep: 09
Bill Walton shows the proper techniques for setting and defending screens.
Basketball (s1) ep: 10
Bill Walton reflects on basketball & its impact on life, both on & off the court.
Basketball (s1) ep: 11
Bill Walton covers the dribbling basics that all players should continually practice.
Basketball (s1) ep: 12
Bill Walton teaches proper passing, from the basics through advanced techniques.
Basketball (s1) ep: 13
Bill Walton's rebounding drills that can be done alone or in a group.
Basketball (s1) ep: 14
Bill Walton demonstrates fundamental & advanced moves that will elevate your game.
Basketball (s1) ep: 15
Bill Walton teaches you how to improve your defensive rebounding.
Basketball (s1) ep: 16
Bill Walton demonstrates advanced shooting, from the hook shot to the finger roll.
Basketball (s1) ep: 17
Mark Verstegen gets you ready to hit the hard wood & take your game to the next level.
Basketball (s1) ep: 18
Mark Verstegen gets you ready to hit the hard wood & take your game to the next level.
Basketball (s1) ep: 19
Strengthen your body for power, speed & intensity w/ Mark Verstegen.
Basketball (s1) ep: 20
Mark Verstegen focuses on endurance & recovery. Be fresh from tip off to final buzzer.
Basketball (s1) ep: 21
Bill Walton covers the five back to the basket moves incorporating pivots & drop steps.
Basketball (s1) ep: 23
Sit down 1 on 1 with Basketball star Grant hill and hear it all from the man himself.
Basketball (s1) ep: 24
Two-time division 1-A champs the UConn Huskies and show off their devastating offense.
Basketball (s1) ep: 25
Checkout the game winning defense of two-time division 1-A champs the UConn Huskies.
Basketball (s1) ep: 26
Keep your head in the game as Huskies coach Jim Calhoun talks motivation.
Basketball (s1) ep: 27
Huskies coach Jim Calhoun shows you his own game winning philosophies.
Basketball (s1) ep: 28
Hall of fame coach Jim Calhoun sits down to give you insight on his life and career.
Basketball (s1) ep: 31
It starts with your feet. NBA stars Kenny Smith & Rip Hamilton show you proper footwork.
Basketball (s1) ep: 32
NBA star Rip Hamilton shows you how a screen can be a shooters best friend.
Basketball (s1) ep: 33
Kenny Smith and Rip Hamilton demonstrate 1 on 1 defensive techniques.
Basketball (s1) ep: 34
Amare Stoudemire & Hall of Famer Magic Johnson teach you to protect the paint.
Basketball (s1) ep: 35
Kareem Abdul-Jabar demonstrates the technique that makes the hook shot unstoppable.
Basketball (s1) ep: 36
Coach McKnight demonstrates different offensive sets, depending on the defense.
Basketball (s1) ep: 37
Kenny Smith & Rip Hamilton talk championships, practice & the need for a healthy ego.
Basketball (s1) ep: 39
Coach McKnight, Bob Surban demonstrates drills such as chair dribbling.