Blue Realm (s1)

Blue Realm : Shark Business
The Blue Realm is a stunning and engrossing TV series featuring amazing undersea animals and marine life. Utilizing superb HD imagery, engaging stories and the world’s leading scientists.
Blue Realm : Giants Of San Benedicto
Giants of San Benedicto features Dr. Robert Rubin and his ground-breaking research of giant Mantas.
Blue Realm : Tentacles
Tentacles follows Dr. Jennifer Mather as she leads a team of renowned scientists to the beautiful Caribbean island of Bonaire.e fascinating hunting technique of the cuttlefish.
Blue Realm : Miracle Venom
Miracle Venom explores the strange, and often bizarre world of the oceans most venomous animals.
Blue Realm : Whale Sharks Gentle Giants
They’re not whales at all, but by far the largest fish in the sea. Yet at nearly 50 feet in length and weighing 20 tons or more, they eat only the smallest marine animals.