Gaturro (s1)

Gaturro (s1)

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Gaturro (s1): ep 01
Gaturro and Ramiro lose the ball they are playing with.
Gaturro, S1: ep 02
Ramiro helps Gaturro with a trick to woo Agatha.
Gaturro, S1: ep 03
Gaturro and Gaturrín are playing with a bow and arrow.
Gaturro, S1: ep 04
There's a strange and nauseating smell in the studio and Agatha blames it on Gaturro.
Gaturro, S1: ep 05
Gaturro attempts everything in his power to get Agatha's attention, buy she doesn't seem to care.
Gaturro, S1: ep 06
A new character arrives to the studio, the nice bunny Dienturro who hands out colored eggs for everyone.
Gaturro, S1: ep 07
Gaturro and his friends dress up to watch a horror movie.
Gaturro, S1: ep 08
Gaturro runs urgently to the toilet but Camila arrives before him and occupies it.
Gaturro (s1): ep 09
It's Sunday morning and all the characters are enjoying their day but Gaturro doesn't feel that well.
Gaturro, S1: ep 10
Gaturro and Gaturrín go searching for the Christmas tree and its presents!
Gaturro, S1: ep 11
Gaturro is very depressed because he can't go forward with Agatha and goes to Canturro's Bar in search of an ear and some advice.
Gaturro, S1: ep 12
Ramiro is helping Gaturro with his women problems going into his past and his relationship with his mother, Agatha and Gatulove.
Gaturro, S1: ep 13
Gaturro comes out of the comic strip and slips on a suspicious pool of water.
Gaturro, S1: ep 14
Gaturro is crying over Agatha, so Ramiro tries to cheer him up showing him that he is a very famous cat.
Gaturro, S1: ep 15
Gaturro and Emilio are playing checkers when out of nowhere a cat from the future materializes in front of them asking for Gaturro.
Gaturro, S1: ep 16
Gaturro gets a double of himself to take care of the tedious task and impress Agatha.
Gaturro, S1: ep 17
Ramiro will Help Gaturro win Agatha over in a virtual game full of adventures where he'll have top robe his courage to gain her heart.
Gaturro, S1: ep 18
Ramiro helps Gaturro solve his problems with women through a very questionable dream therapy method that always ends up with dreams of his beloved.
Gaturro, S1: ep 19
A computer virus threatens the Gaturro´s computer and to be able to fight it off Ramiro sends Gaturro to the virtual world in search of a solution.
Gaturro, S1: ep 20
Gaturro will investigate the mysterious death of Emilio, suspecting from each one of his friends until proven otherwise.