Spy Penguin (s1)

Spy Penguin (s1)

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Spy Penguin (s1): ep 01
P.E.A.C.E. is a secret organization headquartered in an underground sewer deep in the bowels of Paris, France.
Spy Penguin (s1): ep 02
The location of the secret organization "P.E.A.C.E" is very secretive in case of being discovered. Can Spy Penguin get into the base successfully?
Spy Penguin (s1): ep 03
Spy Penguin is under a lot of pressure for their world saving missions
Spy Penguin (s1): ep 04
Rooky's secret suitcase is always full of interesting gadgets. Texture and Roborobo are very attracted to them. Never open it without owner's approval!
Spy Penguin (s1): ep 05
The evil Big Boss is dropping huge billiard balls from the sky. He wants to finish off Rooky, who’s observing Paris.
Spy Penguin (s1): ep 06
The penguins are in the trap. Who is going to protect the city of Paris?
Spy Penguin (s1): ep 07
Rooky and Roborobo are about to score higher than Texture in the bowling game. What will bad temper Texture do?
Spy Penguin (s1): ep 08
A pretty gift parcel just arrived! It seems from the mouse family… is it?
Spy Penguin (s1): ep 09
Big Boss' team has sneaked into the lockers of PEACE.
Spy Penguin (s1): ep 10
Spy Penguin is currently in Spy Training and their shooting skills are somewhat poor.
Spy Penguin (s1): ep 11
Big Boss' subordinates are pretending the penguins and trying to get into PEACE.
Spy Penguin (s1): ep 12
Big Boss' team has found the entrance for PEACE.
Spy Penguin (s1): ep 13
What are the Spy Penguin's lockers made of? They are human-like and naughty.
Spy Penguin (s1): ep 14
Rooky is a freshly hatched Spy Penguin with a youthful passion for justice.
Spy Penguin (s1): ep 15
Believe me, Roborobo is not stupid, he's just a little…
Spy Penguin (s1): ep 16
Rooky's personal magic show - there is everything in the magician's hat!
Spy Penguin (s1): ep 17
The scary magic show comes again.
Spy Penguin (s1): ep 18
Spy Penguins are good at fighting against criminals, but it's hard to say when they are choked by pepper.
Spy Penguin (s1): ep 19
You'd think after numerous failed attempts, Big Boss' team would know when stealing the cashier they should never ever…
Spy Penguin (s1): ep 20
There's a robbery at the PEACE headquarter! Important documents are missing and will jeopardize the world's safety… Spy Penguin go!
Spy Penguin (s1): ep 21
There's another robbery at the PEACE headquarter!
Spy Penguin (s1): ep 22
The crucial piece of the puzzle has gone missing in the middle of the night?
Spy Penguin (s1): ep 23
The evil lady boss is surrounded by the three Spy Penguin agents, but they are attacked by Big Boss' huge earth drill!
Spy Penguin (s1): ep 24
Are Big Boss' team and Spy Penguins always against each other?
Spy Penguin (s1): ep 25
What happened? Texture and Roborobo are fighting? Roborobo finds a mirror on the aisle of the headquarter, but something is wrong…
Spy Penguin (s1): ep 26
Spy Penguins are driving and singing. They do not realize Big Boss' bomb is targeting on them…