The Big Secret (s2)

The Big Secret (s2)

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The Big Secret (s2): ep 01
Years after suffering a traumatic experience, a young woman confesses a long-kept secret.
The Big Secret (s2): ep 02
A gay man in a happy relationship finally confesses his sexuality to his family.
The Big Secret (s2): ep 03
After recently meeting his grandpa and father, a man reveals a difficult truth from his childhood.
The Big Secret (s2): ep 04
An ex-con reveals a years old secret in hopes of his mother finally finding peace.
The Big Secret (s2): ep 05
A recording artist confesses a secret that may change his relationship with his siblings forever.
The Big Secret (s2): ep 06
Traumatised since she was a child, a woman finally confesses her demons to her absent mother.
The Big Secret (s2): ep 07
Haunted by a dark secret, a man reveals his dark past that will change everything.
The Big Secret (s2): ep 08
A deaf and mute young woman has a big secret to confess to her paternal grandmother.
The Big Secret (s2): ep 09
A fear-ridden man confesses a secret to his aggressive brother.
The Big Secret (s2): ep 10
A young mother finally reveals a difficult secret that she has held since she was teenager.
The Big Secret (s2): ep 11
Wracked with guilt, a 28-year-old mother reveals a secret that may ruin her life.
The Big Secret (s2): ep 12
A young man believes it is time to reveal a secret to his father.
The Big Secret (s2): ep 13
After a series of emotional rollercoasters, find out where our confessors are now.