Suits (s7)

Suits (s7)

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Suits (s7): ep 01
With Pearson Specter Litt under new leadership, Mike launches his new career as an official lawyer.
Suits (s7): ep 02
Harvey enunciates his power as the new managing partner by making a major decision for the company.
Suits (s7): ep 03
Louis and Harvey's friendship is put to the test upon the arrival of Alex Williams.
Suits (s7): ep 04
A divided Pearson Specter must act fast as a team when a familiar enemy threatens the company.
Suits (s7): ep 05
Mike risks jeopardising his reputation when making one too many promises.
Suits (s7): ep 06
Mike faces the backlash when his discretions are revealed.
Suits (s7): ep 07
Associates of the Specter Litt team learn that all choices come with a price.
Suits (s7): ep 08
Rachel joins the prison case, but Mike’s secrecy over it clouds her judgement.
Suits (s7): ep 09
Donna forewarns Harvey and Mike to reconsider their plans to visit an old friend.
Suits (s7): ep 10
Malik is out for blood, leaving no escape for Harvey and Mike.
Suits (s7): ep 11
Harvey's desperate attempt at burying his feelings causes him to make rash decisions.
Suits (s7): ep 12
Harvey is plagued with a heart-wrenching choice regarding his father’s business.
Suits (s7): ep 13
A visit from Harvey's mother upsets the harmony.
Suits (s7): ep 14
Louis’ complicated feelings for Sheila lands him in a legal battle with her fiance.
Suits (s7): ep 15
A surprise ambush from a returning enemy endangers the entire future of the firm.
Suits (s7): ep 16
A war unleashes between Pearson Specter Litt and Stanley Gordon’s firm.