Fargo (s3)

Fargo (s3)

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Fargo (s3): ep 01
A sibling rivalry causes murder and mayhem in a small, Midwestern town.
Fargo (s3): ep 02
Ray and Nikki begin to plot their next move.
Fargo (s3): ep 03
Looking for answers, Gloria goes into her stepmother's past.
Fargo (s3): ep 04
Emmit and Sy try to set things right.
Fargo (s3): ep 05
Gloria and Winnie start to piece the puzzle together.
Fargo (s3): ep 06
Nikki and Ray ready themselves for payback.
Fargo (s3): ep 07
Varga comes up with a new plan with the potential to change everything.
Fargo (s3): ep 08
Nikki finds herself fighting for her life.
Fargo (s3): ep 09
Emmit and Gloria sit down face to face.
Fargo (s3): ep 10
Gloria follows the money trail, but where will it lead?