The L Word (s4)

The L Word (s4)

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The L Word (s4): ep 01
Determined to keep custody of Angelica, Bette goes on the run.
The L Word (s4): ep 02
Alice gets a lesson in seduction from a Latina woman who claims to have bedded more than a thousand women.
The L Word (s4): ep 03
Bette's life takes an unexpected turn when her boss comes out as a lesbian.
The L Word (s4): ep 04
A vindictive Jenny plots her revenge on journalist Stacey Merkin.
The L Word (s4): ep 05
Alice is forced to reconsider her affair with Phyllis after finding out that she is married.
The L Word (s4): ep 06
Following Alice and Phyllis' breakup, Bette begins to worry that her job will be affected.
The L Word (s4): ep 07
Helena and Catherine go head-to-head in a high-stakes poker game.
The L Word (s4): ep 08
A heated argument turns into a night of passion for Alice and Tasha.
The L Word (s4): ep 09
Jenny clashes with Tina as she searches for the right director for her screenplay.
The L Word (s4): ep 10
Grace and Max find themselves in conflict with Max's bigoted father.
The L Word (s4): ep 11
Bette learns that Jodi has been offered a job in New York.
The L Word (s4): ep 12
While Bette tries to make amends with Jodi, Tina returns to the lesbian lifestyle.