Sole Knowledge (s4)

Sole Knowledge (s4)

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Sole Knowledge S4 ep: 01
Sole Knowledge starts with the AKA X Reebok sneaker named #TheSneAKA and includes a surprise encounter with Supa Mega Himself. He is now also recognized as a Fela in Reebok.
Sole Knowledge S4 ep: 03
The adidas Future Craft 4D could be the future of Midsoles. This is progressive and innovative development resulting is a product rich in complexity. A true footwear marvel.
Sole Knowledge S4 ep: 04
Reebok is a brand which has gone cold, but is back on fire with a great legacy line up. See why Sole Knowledge loves it.
Sole Knowledge S4 ep: 05
The Nike Alpha Project is one of the brightest periods within Nike innovation history and all of the products are marked with 5 dots. These marks are explained.
Sole Knowledge S4 ep: 06
What is the correct way to say Nike, adidas and Puma. This is something explored in this episode but something you need to make up your mind on.
Sole Knowledge S4 ep: 07
"In my opinion. Jack Lemkus is a South African Sneaker Heritage Site.
If you have never been, I suggest you make a pilgrimage of visiting this icon in Cape Town South Africa."
Sole Knowledge S4 ep: 08
Get to understand why the Air Jordan 11 is set apart from any of Air Jordan before.