Sole Knowledge (s3)

Sole Knowledge (s3)

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Sole Knowledge S3
Nike Air has dominated cushioning in sneakers for decades. This episodes speaks of the rise and rise of Nike Air.
Sole Knowledge S3 ep: 03
Sole Knowledge explores the unconventional product inspiration of the iconic Air Force one and shows off a few special pairs in studio
Sole Knowledge S3 ep: 05
The Air Jordan 14 is a sneaker inspired by a Ferrari. These design inspirations leave you wanting a pair.
Sole Knowledge S3 ep: 04
the adidas boost technology is an innovation originally explored with Puma. See how this story plays out.
Sole Knowledge S3 ep: 06
New Balance was never a brand I was intimate involved with, so my exposure was limited. Until one night which changed everything….
Sole Knowledge S3 ep: 07
What these shoes have achieved on the feet of Eliud Kipchoge is the athletic equivalent of a moon landing. See how it works.