Black Sails (s1)

Black Sails (s1)

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Black Sails (s1): ep 01
After a run of short hauls, the once powerful Captain Flint faces mutiny by his own crew. John Silver joins Flint's pirate ship, hiding something of great value from his captain.
Black Sails (s1): ep 02
Flint unmasks a thief on his crew.
Black Sails (s1): ep 03
Flint and Gates seek a partner to hunt the Urca d'Lima.
Black Sails (s1): ep 04
The Walrus crew's venture ends in disaster.
Black Sails (s1): ep 05
Flint and the Walrus crew play a deadly chess match on the open sea.
Black Sails (s1): ep 06
The costs of chasing the Andromache continue to mount. Eleanor needs Silver's help.
Black Sails (s1): ep 07
Flint tells Gates the truth.
Black Sails (s1): ep 08
The hunt for the Urca is on. Everything changes for Eleanor. Bonny and Rackham's sins come back to haunt them.