Fargo (s1)

Fargo (s1)

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Fargo (s1): ep 01
A small town insurance man strikes up an unhealthy bargain.
Fargo (s1): ep 02
Malvo sets his targets on the so called Supermarket King.
Fargo (s1): ep 03
Lester returns to work, but things don't go according to plan.
Fargo (s1): ep 04
When Gus tries to make amends, Malvo takes matters into his own hands.
Fargo (s1): ep 05
Lester rethinks everything when his plan takes a worrying turn.
Fargo (s1): ep 06
Malvo's master plan finally comes into effect.
Fargo (s1): ep 07
While Molly recovers, Lester digs himself into a deeper hole.
Fargo (s1): ep 08
Lester finally starts to feel like a new man.
Fargo (s1): ep 09
An unexpected encounter brings Lester back down to Earth.
Fargo (s1): ep 10
Molly pushes on with the new investigation, but where will it lead?