Deadbeat (s1)

Deadbeat (s1)

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Deadbeat (s1): ep 01
Kevin tries to help a ghost lose his virginity to an ex-girlfriend.
Deadbeat (s1): ep 02
The ghost of a competitive eater starts to cause chaos at a local hospital.
Deadbeat (s1): ep 03
While helping the ghost of a DVD bootlegger, Kevin crosses paths with the mafia.
Deadbeat (s1): ep 04
A comedy club is haunted by the ghost of a dead, and not very funny comedian.
Deadbeat (s1): ep 05
A ghost asks Kevin to track down some sleazy photo's from her past life.
Deadbeat (s1): ep 06
Kevin is asked to exorcise an orphanage on Halloween night.
Deadbeat (s1): ep 07
Roofie and Kevin find themselves locked in a haunted house.
Deadbeat (s1): ep 08
Kevin stumbles across the ghost of a famous inventor.
Deadbeat (s1): ep 09
The Mayor offers Kevin the toughest ghost case he has ever faced.
Deadbeat (s1): ep 10
It's a race against time as Kevin helps the ghost of a departed friend.