The Missing (s1)

The Missing (s1)

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The Missing (s1): ep 01
A family holiday becomes a living nightmare for Tony and Emily Hughes when their son goes missing.
The Missing (s1): ep 02
Tony's attempts to reopen the investigation gather momentum as the first piece of solid evidence emerges.
The Missing (s1): ep 03
Tony's past comes back to haunt him as his investigation into Oliver's disappearance continues.
The Missing (s1): ep 04
The 2006 investigation is thrown into disarray when an important witness is found murdered.
The Missing (s1): ep 05
Tony takes matters into his own hands after his and Emily's pleas to reinvestigate a suspect fall on deaf ears.
The Missing (s1): ep 06
In 2006, Tony is forced to face the consequences of his actions after killing Ian Garrett.
The Missing (s1): ep 07
Three years after Oliver's disappearance, Tony and Emily's marriage hangs by a thread.
The Missing (s1): ep 08
The truth about Oliver's disappearance is finally revealed, but what does the future hold?