Survivor's Remorse (s1)

Survivor's Remorse (s1)

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Survivor's Remorse (s1): ep 01
Cam Calloway, star basketball player, is signed to the Atlanta team.
Survivor's Remorse (s1): ep 02
As the family attends an Atlanta charity gala benefitting an abused child, Cassie overshares information about Cam's upbringing on the red carpet, which has huge implications.
Survivor's Remorse (s1): ep 03
Cam is confronted with a dilemma - to do the expected or to fulfill a boy's wish.
Survivor's Remorse (s1): ep 04
Missy campaigns to get membership to an exclusive black-founded country club, but Reggie is unconvinced - until he arrives and appreciates the non-stuffy atmosphere.
Survivor's Remorse (s1): ep 05
From Cam and Reggie's Boston childhood emerges Jay, a talented baller who was derailed by prison time. Reggie and Cam disagree on how to help Jay.
Survivor's Remorse (s1): ep 06
Cam and Reggie have to decide which lucrative shoe endorsement deal to take, and the limits of Cam and Reggie's friendship are tested with betrayal and business.