Doctor Who (s2)

Doctor Who (s2)

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Doctor Who (s2): ep 01
The Doctor and Rose journey into the future to visit mankind's new home.
Doctor Who (s2): ep 02
After traveling to 1879, The Doctor investigates the case of a werewolf.
Doctor Who (s2): ep 03
The Doctor runs into an old friend while investigating a haunted school.
Doctor Who (s2): ep 04
Madame de Pompadour tries to summon the time lord when her court is attacked.
Doctor Who (s2): ep 05
An old enemy of The Doctor's is about to be reborn in a terrifying new shape.
Doctor Who (s2): ep 06
The Doctor, Rose and Mickey are reduced to fugitives in a world of terror.
Doctor Who (s2): ep 07
Monsters lurk on the streets during the Queen's coronation.
Doctor Who (s2): ep 08
Rose finds herself trapped on a desolate world in the orbit of a black hole.
Doctor Who (s2): ep 09
The Doctor must make the ultimate sacrifice to save the planet from the beast.
Doctor Who (s2): ep 10
An ordinary man's life becomes a nightmare when he becomes obsessed with The Doctor.
Doctor Who (s2): ep 11
The Doctor comes across a dangerous power hiding in a London housing estate.
Doctor Who (s2): ep 12
Earth comes under threat when the ghosts of loved ones return home.
Doctor Who (s2): ep 13
Earth becomes a deadly battleground as the Cybermen and the Daleks clash.