Doctor Who (s5)

Doctor Who (s5)

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Doctor Who (s5): ep 01
The Doctor has regenerated into a new man, but disaster soon strikes.
Doctor Who (s5): ep 02
Amy and the Doctor travel to the future, where Britain is now in space.
Doctor Who (s5): ep 03
The Doctor is called when the Daleks attack war-torn London.
Doctor Who (s5): ep 04
Father Octavian recruits the Doctor to track down the last of the weeping angels.
Doctor Who (s5): ep 05
The Doctor and his friends are trapped among an army of weeping angels.
Doctor Who (s5): ep 06
Amy and The Doctor arrive in 16th century Venice, but all is not as it seems.
Doctor Who (s5): ep 07
Amy faces a heart-breaking choice when the Doctor lands in her garden.
Doctor Who (s5): ep 08
The Doctor battles against a deadly enemy from a bygone age.
Doctor Who (s5): ep 09
The Doctor must stand aside as he witnesses the most important day in the history of Earth.
Doctor Who (s5): ep 10
Amy finds herself battling a deadly alien alongside Vincent Van Gogh.
Doctor Who (s5): ep 11
When the TARDIS leaves without him, the Doctor is left stranded on Earth.
Doctor Who (s5): ep 12
The most feared creature in all of the cosmos begins to awake.
Doctor Who (s5): ep 13
With the Doctor gone and the TARDIS destroyed, what hope does the universe have?