Doctor Who (s3)

Doctor Who (s3)

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Doctor Who (s3): ep 01
A medical student has her life turned upside down when her hospital is transported to the moon.
Doctor Who (s3): ep 02
The Doctor travels to 1559 when he learns Shakespeare's new play is being used for an evil purpose.
Doctor Who (s3): ep 03
Martha is in for a shock when the Doctor takes her to visit New Earth.
Doctor Who (s3): ep 04
The Doctor travels to 1930's New York when people begin to mysteriously vanish.
Doctor Who (s3): ep 05
Will anyone survive when the Daleks initiate their most dangerous plan yet?
Doctor Who (s3): ep 06
A famous doctor who claims to have discovered eternal youth may be hiding a dark secret.
Doctor Who (s3): ep 07
The Doctor must race against time to stop a ship from heading into the sun.
Doctor Who (s3): ep 08
When he travels to 1913, The Doctor strikes up a bond with a school nurse.
Doctor Who (s3): ep 09
The Doctor faces the consequences of his actions as the family of blood arrives.
Doctor Who (s3): ep 10
Sally Sparrow learns of a terrifying enemy that is after the Doctor's TARDIS.
Doctor Who (s3): ep 11
Jack Harkness re-joins the group as the Doctor meets a professor with a bizarre plan.
Doctor Who (s3): ep 12
Martha and The Doctor travel back to the present time, only to find things have changed.
Doctor Who (s3): ep 13
When the Doctor is enslaved by The Master, Martha is the only one who can save him.