Doctor Who (s4)

Doctor Who (s4)

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Doctor Who (s4): ep 01
The Doctor investigates the alarming truth behind a new weight-loss pill.
Doctor Who (s4): ep 02
Donna and The Doctor arrive in Pompeii moments before the volcanic eruption.
Doctor Who (s4): ep 03
The truth behind the Ood's willingness to serve mankind is revealed.
Doctor Who (s4): ep 04
The Doctor is called back to Earth to assist Martha Jones.
Doctor Who (s4): ep 05
The Sontarans' poisonous gas cloud threatens to destroy Earth.
Doctor Who (s4): ep 06
The TARDIS brings the Doctor to the war-torn planet of Messaline.
Doctor Who (s4): ep 07
Donna and The Doctor meet Agatha Christie on the eve of her disappearance.
Doctor Who (s4): ep 08
A dangerous new mystery is uncovered in a 51st century library.
Doctor Who (s4): ep 09
The Doctor must take on the deadly Vashta Nerada.
Doctor Who (s4): ep 10
A holiday trip to the planet Midnight takes an unexpected turn.
Doctor Who (s4): ep 11
Donna teams up with an old friend of the Doctor's after falling into an alternate timeline.
Doctor Who (s4): ep 12
The Doctor calls upon some old friends to help fight his nemesis.
Doctor Who (s4): ep 13
As Davros continues his destruction of the universe, a chilling prophecy haunts the Doctor.