Doctor Who (s1)

Doctor Who (s1)

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Doctor Who (s1): ep 01
Rose Tyler's life is changed forever when The Doctor enters her life.
Doctor Who (s1): ep 02
The Doctor and Rose travel into the future to witness Earth's destruction.
Doctor Who (s1): ep 03
The duo travel to 1869 to investigate a mysterious plague of zombies.
Doctor Who (s1): ep 04
As Rose returns to her own time, a giant spaceship crashes into London.
Doctor Who (s1): ep 05
The Doctor uncovers a plot to trigger World War 3.
Doctor Who (s1): ep 06
A collector of alien artefacts has a shock in store for The Doctor.
Doctor Who (s1): ep 07
Rose and The Doctor travel to a space station that controls journalism.
Doctor Who (s1): ep 08
The Doctor agrees to take Rose back to the day her father died.
Doctor Who (s1): ep 09
The TARDIS chases another time travelling object to London in 1941.
Doctor Who (s1): ep 10
The Doctor grows suspicious of Captain Jack Harkness.
Doctor Who (s1): ep 11
When Rose and The Doctor return to Cardiff, an old enemy reappears.
Doctor Who (s1): ep 12
Jack, The Doctor and Rose are forced to take part in a deadly game.
Doctor Who (s1): ep 13
The Doctor must do everything in his power to stop the Daleks from destroying Earth.