Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1)

Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 01
Newcomer Gingka saves Kenta from the Face Hunters but then is challenged to a one hundred to one battle….
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 02
Before Gingka's new friend Madoka can finish fixing his broken bey Pegasus, he uses it to fight Kyoya and manages to win…Kyoya is visited by a mysterious figure who offers to help him defeat Gingka.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 03
Kenta challenges Gingka to a battle; Kyoya is challenged to battle Doji and loses so as agreed, must leave with him to train…
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 04
Doji presents Benkei with the powerful Beyblade, Dark Bull so he can defeat Gingka; Gingka and Benkei battle but Gingka's Pegasus prevails…
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 05
When a crab-obsessed villain named Tetsuya Watarigani kidnaps Madoka, Gingka must battle him to save her.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 06
Hikaru Hasama issues a challenge to battle Gingka with Benkei's help but, Kenta poses as Gingka and fights her instead
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 07
Benkei trains Kenta to face Hikaru again; Madoka gives Kenta a bey part to help him create a new special move, which he uses to defeat Hikaru.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 08
Doji sends Kyoya to Wolf Canyon to prove his worth; Gingka thinks he is on a game show when the computer Merci is really just testing his skills.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 09
Kyoya returns from Wolf Canyon and battles Benkei, destroying the warehouse they're in; Gingka challenges Hikaru to a battle.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 10
Gingka battles Kyoya and Kyoya creates a tornado that rips through the city which inadvertently summons Gingka's friends to cheer him on.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 11
Gingka and the gang arrive at the Dark Nebula and are assaulted with a bey storm from above. They must use their special moves to fend it off..
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 12
The gang are met with traps set by Merci on their way confront Doji. When Gingka makes it, Doji asks him to join forces with him. When he refuses, a fierce battle ensues.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 13
Gingka battles his long lost nemesis Ryuga…but his anger gets in the way of winning.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 14
Through flashback, we learn about Gingka's father, Ryo, who originally had the bey Pegasus and was defeated by Ryuga and lightning L-Drago.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 15
The gang set out to find Gingka in his home town but are faced with challenges along the way, including a mysterious traveler named Hyoma.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 16
On their way to Gingka's village, the gang is tested by Hyoma who reveals he is an old friend of Gingka's.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 17
Finally arriving in the village, Gingka is not there but a wise, talking dog named Hokuto is; Gingka climbs a mountain to obtain a scroll that may have the key to his defeating Ryuga.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 18
Hyoma and Gingka show the gang their beyblading stadiums of the past; Hyoma challenges Gingka to a new battle and it's not like it's ever been before…
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 19
Benkei and Kenta learn how to change parts on their beys which make their beys even stronger, especially for the Aquatic Tag Team Tournament they enter…
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 20
Gingka and his friends go to the remote Beyblade Island to participate in the intense Survival Battle competition.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 21
The Survival Battle continues and it's down to the wire with eight competitors remaining…who will win??
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 22
In the jaw-dropping finale of Survival Battle, everyone is surprised when Kyoya and Gingka are knocked out and the winner is…the new kid named Yu.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 23
As the winner of the Endurance Battle, Yu is granted his wish: to have a Battle Bladers, the biggest beyblade competition in the world.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 24
Battles heat up as the bladers earn points for entry into the Battle Bladers competition; Gingka meets a new rival, Tsubasa, who tests his strength.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 25
Kyoya comes across a calculating opponent Tobio, aka Captain Capri, whose moves appear erratic but not unstoppable by Kyoya.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 26
Tsubasa proves his worthiness as a blader and joins forces with Doji's Dark Nebula Organization…
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 27
The competition to make it into Battle Bladers heats up with Yu battling Hyoma and Tsubasa battling Kenta.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 28
As everyone gears up for Battle Bladers, the crab-obsessed Tetsuya is up to his usual tricks defeating everyone. But will Gingka be next?
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 29
Kenta befriends a new blader, Sora, who has amazing power but no control.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 30
Gingka is pushed to the limits when he enters an important challenge match and faces a self-claimed magician named Ryutaro.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 31
Four battles go on in four different stadiums as the competition heats up to make it into Battle Bladers.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 32
In an exciting challenge match for Battle Bladers, six bladers are pitted against each other at the same time.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 33
When Phoenix save Gingka’s Bey Pointer from Tetsuya’s claws, Gingka must battle Phoenix as a reward.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 34
Gingka has to create a new special move when battling his new opponent Teru whose former ballet skills make him an incredible blader.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 35
Tsubasa sneaks into the Dark Nebula but he is caught by Doji who makes him battle many Dark Nebula bladers to earn his freedom.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 36
Tsubasa is almost defeated by Ryuga in an intense battle until Phoenix comes to the rescue; Gingka fights Tobio in a stadium of moving walls.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 37
When a gang led by Busujima takes over their stadium, Kenta and Sora have to battle hard to get it back.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 38
Even though Gingka is in a panic to win back enough points to enter Battle Bladers, he gives up a final challenge match to help his friends win against Tsubasa.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 39
Gingka wins against Phoenix, leading Phoenix to return his pointer to him with enough points to enter Battle Bladers; Tsubasa reveals he has been working for the WBBA.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 40
Battle Bladers begins but turns out Doji is in charge. Regardless, Benkei, Kenta and Gingka beat their first opponents.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 41
Hyoma must battle an unknown blader, Reiji from the Dark Nebula, who uses a Poison Serpent to take him down.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 42
The gang nurse Hikaru to health after her defeat by Ryuga; Yu is forced to battle Reiji to see if he can stay with the Dark Nebula and the battle ends in a huge explosion….
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 43
Benkei battles his idol Kyoya and loses; Gingka beats Ryutaro but celebrations are cut short when they are visited by the wounded Yu.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 44
Kenta battles Reji for Yu and confuses him by switching Sagittario and Yu’s bey Libra’s performance tips. Kenta however can’t overcome the power of Reji and Serpent.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 45
After a fierce battle with Ryuga, Tsubasa is eliminated from Battle Bladers; Ryuga issues a challenge to Gingka who readily accepts.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 46
Battle Bladers Semi-Finals pits Gingka against Reiji; Doji takes Yu away so Hyoma and Kenta go to the Dark Nebula to save him.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 47
Gingka manages to defeat Reiji using a mirror to reflect his attacks back; Phoenix helps rescue Yu and defeats Doji in battle, only to reveal the two knew each other back in Koma Village.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 48
The masked blader Phoenix is revealed to be Gingka’s Father, Ryo who explains he went into hiding to fight the Dark Nebula; Ryuga saps Doji of his energy making him more powerful.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 49
Kyoya and Ryuga meet in an intense semi-final battle. Kyoya is ahead until L-Drago takes over in a final explosion making it unclear if Kyoya will recover.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 50
In the first part of the finals, Ryuga builds a special arena for his match with Gingka. Gingka is winning until Ryuga mutates into a monstrous figure…
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 51
In a spirited finale, Gingka battles with a mutated version of Ryuga, using the spirit of all bladers to win.