Curious George (s5)

Curious George (s5): ep 01
Nothing can stop George from listening to his favorite band, Lobos de Plata, a Latin band that plays in Endless Park.
Curious George (s5): ep 02
George has a new hobby – collecting interestingly shaped sticks with his squeaky, rolling cart.
Curious George (s5): ep 03
The Man with the Yellow Hat has two surprises for George today: They’re going to the zoo and they’re riding the subway!
Curious George (s5): ep 04
When George hears about the annual soapbox derby, he enlists Allie to help him make the coolest car a monkey could drive.
Curious George (s5): ep 05
George fantasizes about a life where everything is monkey-sized…where he could drive a monkey-sized car, order a monkey-sized cake, and even wear a monkey-sized yellow hat!
Curious George (s5): ep 06
George is entranced by the museum’s newest addition: a vending machine full of levers, wheels, springs, and healthy snacks!
Curious George (s5): ep 07
While Marco tries to hit his first Little League home run, George gets to play scorekeeper.
Curious George (s5): ep 08
The Doorman gets a special delivery – a Western Town to add to his amazing train set. He lets George, Steve, and Betsy assemble it, but they lose the final railroad pin that holds it all together!
Curious George (s5): ep 09
Steve needs an A to pass his history class and his model papyrus boat is sure to make the grade. George helps him test the boat in Endless Park’s pond, but a sudden rainstorm sweeps it down the sewer grate!
Curious George (s5): ep 10
It’s Mother’s Day and Marco wants to surprise his mami with a party! George is excited to help Marco make a piñata and other festive decorations while Cecilia and the Man with the Yellow Hat prepare some of Maritza’s favorite food.