The L Word (s3)

The L Word (s3)

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The L Word (s3): ep 01
Tina and Bette try to strike a balance between romance and parenthood.
The L Word (s3): ep 02
Kit hires a flamboyant party planner to help boost business at the Planet.
The L Word (s3): ep 03
Arriving back in Los Angeles, Jenny introduces Moira to her surprised friends.
The L Word (s3): ep 04
While Tina and Helena attend a documentary film screening, Bette travels to Washington to testify at a Senate hearing.
The L Word (s3): ep 05
As Dana tries to come to terms with her devastating biopsy results, Moira goes out on the town.
The L Word (s3): ep 06
Bette finds out about Tina's secret web-chats.
The L Word (s3): ep 07
Moira begins hormone injections in her quest to become a man.
The L Word (s3): ep 08
Jenny organises a fundraiser to help with Moira's medical expenses
The L Word (s3): ep 09
Dana develops a new outlook on life. Bette tries her hand at Buddhism.
The L Word (s3): ep 10
As Dana's health deteriorates, Alice rushes to the hospital to be with her.
The L Word (s3): ep 11
The day of Dana's funeral arrives.
The L Word (s3): ep 12
Helena takes over the planning of Shane and Carmen's wedding.