The L Word (s2)

The L Word (s2)

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The L Word (s2): ep 01
Tina rebuffs Bette's attempts at reconciliation while Jenny prepares for an emotional farewell with Tim.
The L Word (s2): ep 02
Tina hires a famous lawyer to represent her in the split with Bette.
The L Word (s2): ep 03
Kit preps The Planet for its grand reopening.
The L Word (s2): ep 04
Jenny and Shane search for a third roommate and choose Mark.
The L Word (s2): ep 05
Mark launches a new video project: taping Jenny and Shane.
The L Word (s2): ep 06
Tina moves out and considers her attraction to Helena.
The L Word (s2): ep 07
Alice and Dana tentatively begin dating, while Tina comes between Helena and her ex.
The L Word (s2): ep 08
Bette and Tina agree to forge a new relationship.
The L Word (s2): ep 09
Jenny learns the truth about TV star Burr - and about Carmen's feelings for Shane
The L Word (s2): ep 10
A lesbian cruise in the Caribbean proves eventful for Dana, Alice, Shane, Jenny and Carmen.
The L Word (s2): ep 11
Against the backdrop of a gay-pride parade, shocking secrets are revealed about Dana's brother and Jenny's past.
The L Word (s2): ep 12
Bette moves her father into her home for his final days, as Alice struggles with her jealousy over Dana's dinner with an ex.
The L Word (s2): ep 13
In the second season finale, Melvin's memorial service is attended by a surprise guest.