The L Word (s5)

The L Word (s5)

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The L Word (s5): ep 01
Shane has second thoughts about moving in with Paige.
The L Word (s5): ep 02
Tina hits the dating scene in an attempt to move on from Bette.
The L Word (s5): ep 03
Bette and Jodi spend an uncomfortable weekend away.
The L Word (s5): ep 04
Shane struggles to maintain her self-imposed celibacy.
The L Word (s5): ep 05
Jenny introduces her friends to the actresses who will be playing them in Lez Girls.
The L Word (s5): ep 06
Production finally commences on Lez Girls.
The L Word (s5): ep 07
Jenny struggles to keep control over the Lez Girls shoot.
The L Word (s5): ep 08
Alice finds herself in a difficult situation when she is called to testify against Tasha.
The L Word (s5): ep 09
When a blackout hits the city, Tina and Bette become trapped in an elevator.
The L Word (s5): ep 10
The girls take part in a charity bicycle marathon.
The L Word (s5): ep 11
Adele's twisted plan to ruin Jenny's career comes to fruition.
The L Word (s5): ep 12
Filming wraps on Lez Girls, but Jenny's troubles are far from over.