The L Word (s1)

The L Word (s1)

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The L Word (s1): ep 01
Jenny moves to L.A. with Tim and meets her lesbian neighbors and their circle of friends.
The L Word (s1): ep 02
Bette Porter and Tina Kennard want to start a family.
The L Word (s1): ep 03
Bette and Tina wait eagerly to see if Tina will get pregnant.
The L Word (s1): ep 04
Bette takes a desperate step to win her battle of wills with the chairman of the gallery board.
The L Word (s1): ep 05
Bette greets Tina's pregnancy with apparent delight despite problems at work.
The L Word (s1): ep 06
Tim discovers Jenny's affair with Marina.
The L Word (s1): ep 07
A rising artist in New York tests Bette's commitment.
The L Word (s1): ep 08
Tim rejects Jenny, who learns about Marina's other lover.
The L Word (s1): ep 09
Identities are in question as Jenny tries to explain her situation to an old friend.
The L Word (s1): ep 10
Jenny is more confused and torn than ever between Marina and Tim.
The L Word (s1): ep 11
Tina's grief is eased by volunteer work.
The L Word (s1): ep 12
Bette hires an attractive contractor to set up for the gallery's new show.
The L Word (s1): ep 13
Bette lands in jail thanks to a near-riot at the gallery.
The L Word (s1): ep 14
In the first season finale, Tina learns the truth about Candace.