What is DEOD?

DEOD (Digital Entertainment On Demand), is an online television service offering you a choice between Renting the latest movies (pay per title) or Subscribing to a
catalogue of popular TV shows, Kids programs, music videos, Live News and Sports TV channels, documentaries, cooking shows and so much more!
Subscribe to On Demand or to TV Channels or both, or Rent , its your choice! .


For low monthly, weekly or weekend subscription fees, choose from News, Sports and Inspiration TV channels or subscribe to an all-you-can-eat on demand buffet of TV shows, Movies, Music videos, and Kids shows. You can even take our On Demand package per
day if you prefer.


Missed it at cinema? Rent the latest, hottest, biggest movies and pay per title - no subscription needed to Rent. Feeling nostalgic and want a slightly older movie? You can also Rent per title from our library of movies. Welcome to you online DVD shop!

How content works

Video On Demand (VOD)
Video on Demand (VOD) adds a whole new dimension to visual entertainment – it’s all on your terms!

Much like the local video store of old, VOD provides one-stop access to a selection of TV show box sets and movies, but there’s a twist – your VOD store is online and always within reach. It provides you with new ways to access old and new shows, and it’s personalized – you get to choose what you watch and when. It also brings added benefits: access to music videos, kids content, local content, educational content and, in the case of DEOD, sports and news content too.

DEOD offers two VOD options – either Subscription VOD which gives you access to a catalogue of content over a defined subscription period, usually a month, and Rental VOD which allows you to Rent the latest blockbusters and award winning titles, hot off the cinema, on a pay per view basis. Rentals are typically available for a 48 hour viewing period.

How fresh is VOD content?
Globally, all content is subject to rights restrictions. VOD services can only release new programming as these restrictions are lifted.

DEOD’s Subscription VOD service allows you to pick and choose from a large range of entertainment options, to catch up on a series you may have missed on TV, to discover older content for the first time, and to view shows when and how you like on a device of your choice. This means you can go back and revisit those evergreen classics you just want to watch over and over again, or binge watch box sets in one sitting. Rental VOD allows you to pick and choose any preferred title from a great range of titles and pay as you go. VOD broadens and enriches your entertainment options.

Internet TV
Internet TV allows you to access TV channels over the Internet rather than via a satellite. This means with DEOD, you can access news and sports channels over the Internet and watch on the go on your mobile device or your PC! The DEOD subscription service allows you to watch TV packages on their own or take a mix of entertainment On Demand and TV Channels – as you prefer. At DEOD we are all about choice!

Available streamed over the internet, on multiple devices.

All you need is an internet connection and you can watch on PC or Mac, via all major web browsers,
iOS and Android mobile apps, Apple TV, Chromecast and shortly via major Smart TV apps and Set Top
Boxes such as Roku.

How to Pay?

We accept Credit Card via Sage Pay, Pay Pal and DEOD Voucher. Load your wallet or easy payment as you go.

Choose from any of the Subscriptions listed on the Packages Page or choose your Rental title for purchase.